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Guest Speakers

We are excited to inform you that all Guest Speaker presentations and meetings will be held at 1pm EST via Zoom, unless otherwise noted.

Mark your calendars and get ready to be inspired by our exceptional lineup of speakers as we come together to connect and elevate our community.

Date & Time: January, 17th 2024 AT 1PM EST Via EGN Zoom

TALK: Federal Contracts: Your Path to Securing Prime Clients, Exponential Growth, and Recession-Proofing Your Business

Talk Description:

Delve into the intricate realm of government contracting and unlock the pathway to securing clients like DOD, DOJ, DOE, and other key agencies. Tailored specifically for small businesses, this session serves as your guide to navigating the dynamic landscape of federal procurement. As we unravel the complexities of engaging with the U.S. government as a vendor, discover how these contracts offer more than revenue streams—they serve as a shield, insulating businesses from economic volatility. Learn why these contracts are pivotal, not just for market diversification and credibility, but also as a strategic step towards recession-proofing your business. Join us to explore the transformative potential of federal contracts, empowering your small business for sustained and enduring success.

Jasmina Delic

Federal Acquisition Strategical Specialist / Trained Diplomat / Negotiator / Business Development & Relationship Strategist

(314) 265 1497

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Jasmina Delic brings 20+ years and a wealth of expertise from both public and private sectors to the forefront. With a background as a trained diplomat, she honed her skills collaborating with the US military, NATO, OSCE and other domestic and international agencies.

Transitioning into the private arena, she adeptly employed her intel analysis, conflict resolution and negotiation prowess across diverse domains, spanning sports management, wealth management, and hotel development.

Jasmina uniquely merges her insights from the public and private spheres to empower small business owners.

Her mission is to guide and fortify businesses, leveraging the world of federal government contracting for their solidification and expansive growth. 

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Date & Time: February 14th, 2024 at 1 pm EST

TALK: “Failure as Transformation”

Talk Description:

In this exploration of the transformative power of failure, I aim to share insights drawn from my personal experiences and compelling stories that underscore the profound impact of embracing setbacks. By navigating the landscape of failure, we uncover not only resilience but also the fertile ground for innovation.

Through inspiring narratives, I will illustrate how reframing failure as a catalyst for growth can fundamentally alter our approach to challenges. Instead of perceiving failure as an insurmountable roadblock, let’s redefine it as a crucial stepping stone on the path to success and achievement. By embracing failure, we not only build a robust foundation for personal development but also cultivate a mindset that fosters creativity, adaptability, and the unwavering determination to turn setbacks into stepping stones toward our goals.

Raymond Sjolseth

Business Builder, Coach and Podcaster at www.raymondsjolseth.com 

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Ray has had the privilege of founding over 45 companies with 40 failures, 5 successes and multiple exits. With 30 years in real estate investing, the majority of these companies were founded through real estate, while not being industry related at all.

Ray is the founder of Be Better Build Better, a community focused in helping real estate professionals and business leaders BE BETTER. He is also the host of The Agent Podcast, Author of The Startup Agent and runs LIVE events every single week. He has been in various industries including Automotive, LED lighting, consumables, consumer electronics, cabinetry, construction and more. He and his wife live in Chicagoland where he and his 5 kids and 3 dogs live.

Today, his focus is 100% on real estate through real estate sales, investing, coaching, his podcast and books dedicated to serving agents.


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