Christine Curran – CEO/Executive Producer Dining Empire

In the past year that I have had the pleasure of working with Dana Flanagan, many new doors and opportunities have transpired from her extensive network of contacts. She has been a blessing to my company and has contributed to our growth. Her work ethic is bar none. She is always available when I need her and she definitely thinks outside the box on solutions, a true problem solver. I highly recommend her for any project, just don’t steal her from me!

Jackie Nepola – Founder BOSGRP

I am delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial for Dana Flanagan, an exceptional woman who possesses unparalleled networking skills, remarkable business acumen, and an expansive network that truly sets her apart. From the moment I met Dana, it was evident that she possessed a unique talent for connecting people. Her ability to identify shared interests, synergies, and potential collaborations is truly remarkable. Through her tireless efforts and genuine passion for building meaningful connections, she has transformed countless professional relationships into thriving partnerships and lucrative ventures. Beyond her remarkable networking and business expertise, Dana has cultivated an extensive network that spans industries, geographies, and cultures. Her ability to effortlessly connect with individuals from all walks of life is a testament to her exceptional interpersonal skills and genuine interest in fostering meaningful relationships. Through her vast network, Dana creates a vibrant ecosystem where collaboration and innovation thrive. In summary, I wholeheartedly endorse Dana as an extraordinary networker, a brilliant business mind, and a person with an extensive network that she leverages for the benefit of others. Her ability to connect people, coupled with her business acumen and vast network, is truly awe-inspiring. I have no doubt that Dana will continue to make a profound impact on the lives of those fortunate enough to cross her path.

Doru Angelo – Onyx Elite LLC

As a business owner, I cannot thank Dana Flanagan enough for the impeccable work that she has done in helping me achieve significant results in my business by connecting me to great high quality clients and referral partners . I have worked with other marketing consultants in the past, but no one has ever delivered results like Dana. From the first moment we spoke, it was evident that she had expert knowledge of helping be connector how to help me grow professionally and she took the time to understand my business’s unique needs and goals. Dana’s connections led me to clients that I would not have reached otherwise. Her attention to detail and ability to coordinate high-quality meetings and introductions is unparalleled. Her professionalism and work ethic are remarkable, and she always went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. This has resulted to an increase in my business’s growth and expansion, which is directly attributable to the support and strategies introduced by Dana. In summary, I highly recommend Dana Flanagan to any business looking to take their growth and success to the next level. She is a true professional and understands the dynamics of the business world like no one else. I have no doubt that anyone who works with her will experience the same level of success that I have enjoyed through our business relationship. Thank you, Dana!